Episode 001: Blackout

Written, edited, and recorded by Eric P. Metze
Voice direction by Matthew Neves

This is the first story in a series called Eminence, a series that will be released one episode at a time until it is complete. It focuses on three main characters who meet up innocently enough only to find themselves a part of a galaxy-wide conflict. It is a story about the nature of life, intelligence, and our chauvinistic view of the world. It takes place just far enough in the future where people are inhabiting other planets, but not so far that they are completely alien to us. The themes will emphasize (among other things) the philosophy, conflicts, and prejudices associated with labeling any kind of intelligence “artificial.”

“Blackout” is the first story in the series. After losing the three other members of his crew in a freak accident, a scientist named Marq is forced to continue his mission alone. While on his journey, he makes an unusual friend that challenges his viewpoint on life and intelligence. He then witnesses something awe-inspiring and terrifying before barely escaping with his life.

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